House vote to kill Judicial Reform

House vote to kill Judicial Reform

A bill that would have slightly reformed the process to nominate and elect judges was sent back to committee (or recommitted) because amendments that would have truly reformed the process were about to be discussed. House members did not want to be on the record as voting against these amendments so instead the bill was recommitted, effectively killing it for the year.

It is unfortunate that Representative’s were so adverse to making the judicial branch independent of the legislature that they voted to kill a bill that contained minor reforms, fearing that substantive reforms would be discussed.

Legislators were so opposed to voting on the record on this bill that the vote to recommit it to committee is not even recorded in the journal. The only record of this vote is the picture below.

Names and contact information of the House members that voted to avoid a debate on real judicial reform and killed the bill can be found below the picture.

Terry Alexander [email protected] (843) 665-7321
Carl L. Anderson [email protected] (843) 546-5332
Frank Atkinson [email protected] (803) 212-6936
Dr. Jimmy C. Bales [email protected] (803) 776-6416
Justin Bamberg [email protected] (803) 682-2860
Bart Blackwell [email protected] (803) 649-4938
Gary Clary [email protected] (864) 415-0886
Alan D. Clemmons [email protected] (843) 448-4246
William Scott Cogswell [email protected] (803) 531-1257
J. Derham Cole [email protected] (864) 285-4732
Sylleste Davis [email protected] (843) 761-4204
F. Gregory “Greg” Delleney [email protected] (803) 385-3580
MaryGail Douglas [email protected] (803) 635-9292
Greg Duckworth [email protected] (803) 212-6918
Jason Elliott [email protected] (864) 235-5308
Raye Felder [email protected] (803) 547-6715
Cally “Cal” Forrest [email protected] (803) 685-5576
Russell Fry [email protected] (843) 650-9137
Wendell G. Gilliard [email protected] (843) 402-9710
Kevin Hardee [email protected] (843) 455-3567
Phyllis Henderson [email protected] (864) 423-3149
William G. “Bill” Herbkersman [email protected] (843) 255-2264
Lee Hewitt [email protected] (843) 652-4236
David R. Hiott [email protected] (864) 878-9832
Bill Hixon [email protected] (803) 278-0892
Jeff Johnson [email protected] (843) 567-4386
Jay Jordan [email protected] (843) 229-1874
John Richard C. King [email protected] (803) 980-5454
David J. Mack [email protected] (843) 760-0198
John McCravy [email protected] (864) 942-8501
V. Stephen “Steve” Moss [email protected] (864) 839-3135
Dennis C. Moss [email protected] (864) 487-2121
Chris Murphy [email protected] (843) 832-1120
Weston Newton [email protected] (843) 706-3880
Robert Ridgeway [email protected] (803) 938-3087
J. Todd Rutherford [email protected] (803) 799-8633
Mike Ryhal [email protected] (843) 655-2452
William E. “Bill” Sandifer [email protected] (864) 882-1225
J. Gary Simrill [email protected] (803) 328-8089
G. Murrell Smith [email protected] (803) 469-4416
F. Michael “Mike” Sottile [email protected] (843) 886-8759
Eddie Tallon [email protected] (864) 596-1478
William R. “Bill” Whitmire [email protected] (864) 638-2970
Richie Yow [email protected] (843) 623-5001



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