Mandy Norrell

D – District 44
Lancaster County
Capitol Phone: 803.212.6937
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Business Phone: 803-289-1800
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House vote to implement a bag tax

On February 7, 2018, liberal left wing tree huggers tried to implement a tax on plastic bags and Styrofoam containers in a thinly veiled attempt to force you to stop using them. A Republican, Mike Pitts, introduced this piece of legislation. Representatives below voted against killing the bag tax. Bill Bowers [email protected] (803) 632-5755 Wendy Brawley [email protected] (803) 429-3106 Robert L. Brown [email protected] (843) 889-8835 Gary Clary [email protected] (864) 415-0886 Bill

House Override of the Gas Tax Veto

On May 10, 2017 the SC House of Representatives overrode Governor McMaster’s veto of the gas tax increase. This massive tax hike increases the taxes and fees on South Carolinian’s by hundreds of dollars a year and does not guarantee our roads will be repaired. The legislators, listed below, that voted to override the veto did so saying that they, “had fixed the roads” and accomplished, “real reform at the Department

House vote on State Mandated Handgun Training for Constitutional Carry

On April 5th, 2017 the House voted on Rep. Blackwell’s (R-Aiken) amendment that would add government required training back to H3930, an already weak Constitutional Carry bill.  The very purpose of Constitutional Carry is to remove government mandated infringements on your right to keep and bear arms!  A vote for Blackwell’s amendment was a vote against your constitutional second amendment right.  The representatives below voted for Blackwell’s amendment and voted to undermine