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D – District 57
Dillon, Horry & Marion Counties
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House Override of the Gas Tax Veto

On May 10, 2017 the SC House of Representatives overrode Governor McMaster’s veto of the gas tax increase. This massive tax hike increases the taxes and fees on South Carolinian’s by hundreds of dollars a year and does not guarantee our roads will be repaired. The legislators, listed below, that voted to override the veto did so saying that they, “had fixed the roads” and accomplished, “real reform at the Department

House vote on State Mandated Handgun Training for Constitutional Carry

On April 5th, 2017 the House voted on Rep. Blackwell’s (R-Aiken) amendment that would add government required training back to H3930, an already weak Constitutional Carry bill.  The very purpose of Constitutional Carry is to remove government mandated infringements on your right to keep and bear arms!  A vote for Blackwell’s amendment was a vote against your constitutional second amendment right.  The representatives below voted for Blackwell’s amendment and voted to undermine

House vote to kill Judicial Reform

A bill that would have slightly reformed the process to nominate and elect judges was sent back to committee (or recommitted) because amendments that would have truly reformed the process were about to be discussed. House members did not want to be on the record as voting against these amendments so instead the bill was recommitted, effectively killing it for the year. It is unfortunate that Representative’s were so adverse

House vote to Pass the Gas Tax Increase

The House of Representatives voted to raise the gas tax in South Carolina by ten cents a gallon, raise the sales tax on vehicles and nearly double the registration fees for cars. There were no tax “off-sets” included in the Houses version of the gas tax bill, amounting to a straight tax hike of hundreds of millions of dollars a year on South Carolinians. Supporters of this bill claimed that the money